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baby headquarter

Logo Design, Visual Identity
July 2018
Baby HQ identity.png
A style guide was sent to Baby Headquarter to go over the color palette and let the client choose between the logo options.

A fresh business searching for a visual identity.

The founder of Baby Headquarter reached out to me and needed a logo for the new store they were launching Summer 2018. Baby Headquarter sells various quality baby products through their online store. Just like the baby in "Boss Baby," Baby Headquarters wanted a logo that shows that the brand has attitude by having a logo that is energetic and fun.

The process

With Baby Headquarters’ targeted audience consisting of parents, this was kept in mind as I brainstormed logos that would set the brand apart from other competing businesses. I settled on using a baby with sunglasses as the centerpiece visual for the brand. The baby designed was kept simple and cute, while the sunglasses added a touch of cool to the character.


After going through several typefaces, Impact was chosen for its boldness that fit well with conveying the new brand’s energy. In terms of the color palette, I wanted to keep the soft colors associated with baby products but with a dose of fun energy. A bold sky blue was used to match and add to the the Impact typeface’s boldness. Several shades of peach were used for the baby’s skin to add dimension to the 2D baby. However, orange is a color associated with energy and enthusiasm that Baby Headquarter wanted.


I also made four promotional product mockups to present the different logos in several applications to help my client visualise the different types of logos and choose the best suited one for the company.

Baby HQ applications.png
Mockups of logo identity applications for the different types of logos

The deliverable

Ultimately, the client chose two variations of the logo to be finalized in order to give them options that worked better in different types of applications. Both versions consist of sunglasses perch on top of the baby character’s head. The first variation has sparkles sprinkled around the baby. As for the second, a horizontal layout is used.


The logo is now incorporated into Baby Headquarter’s website, social media, and other materials. I am excited to see where this brand identity will be applied to next.


Visit Baby Headquarter’s Instagram here:

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