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As the Administrative Assistant/Social Media Editor, I spearheaded Occidental College’s new academic department Black Studies’ branding by creating a unique visual identity. I created a logo that speaks to what the department stands for. When choosing BLST's official color scheme, I decided on analogous colors of gold and red, in addition to white and black, to bring energy and strength to BLST's brand.

Black Studies became a major and minor offered at Oxy as of Fall 2018, I developed and manage BLST's social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to promote the discipline, document our progress, and hype all upcoming events related to BLST. In addition, I design promotional print and digital materials and write press releases and e-blasts that target over 2,000 students.

For Black Studies' presentation to faculty and administration, I conducted research on general challenges to building and maintaining Black Studies/Africana/African-American Studies programs and departments.


Branding, Logo Design, Administrative Assistant, Marketing, Content Creator

BLST Brochure.png
The official course print brochure designed to introduce the Black Studies program to prospective students. The design elements of the cover of the brochure has inspiring quotes by prominent Black figures in history.
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