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friends x lego collaboration

Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Filming, Social Media
August 2019

Looping stop-motion videos for the ultimate collaboration. 

For the Friends 25th Anniversary,  LEGO released a collectible model of the iconic Central Perk Café featured in the legendary Warner Bros. show. During my summer internship as a WBTV social media intern, I was given the opportunity to shoot and create looping stop-motion video for Instagram promoting release. Every video is based off a re-creation of iconic scenes from the show, using the LEGO set, LEGO versions of the characters, and actual audio from Friends. After strategizing which scenes would be considered fun, iconic moments for Friends' fans, I shot the videos with the assistance of two fellow interns. I made all motion graphics and edited the videos myself, which are featured in the reel. 


The videos were a massive success on the official Friends Instagram page (8.2 million Instagram followers), garnering a total of over 5.5 million views

Client: Warner Bros. Television
Producer: Briana Adams
Producer/Editor/Motion Graphics: Onpailin Rangsithienchai
friends lego 2.PNG
Friends lego.PNG
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