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Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Social Media, Copywriting
March 2020

Crafting weekly paid and organic live stories for Nickelodeon.

Working with Nickelodeon’s Social Media Live Stories team, I designed both paid and organic content for Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and Snapchat. This included brainstorming and producing weekly stories from design to writing creative copy. In order to make the stories look accessible and appeal to Nick’s young audience, the team made sure to optimize designing the stories with in-app tools as part of Nick’s social branding. This allows kids to believe they can do it themselves and therefore makes the content seem more organic and not curated.

It was important to stay on top of analytics, the latest social trends, and memes while ideating and designing content for kids.  During the design process, I made sure to utilize the interactive features available, such as polls and quizzes, as much as possible to drive engagement with Nick’s young audience.

Gif sticker creations

I also created Gif stickers for each character of the animated show The Casagrandes to help promote the show’s launch.

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