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Hospitality Design, Re-branding, Visual Identity, Digital, Print
June 2020

When old meets new for a timeless Hollywood Bed & Breakfast.

The Secret Garden Bed & Breakfast located in Hollywood was designed in the 1920s as a luxury bed and breakfast and retreat, most notably for stars and starlets wanting to escape the non-stop Hollywood lifestyle. With such a long history, it's a surprise that this quaint stay is not more well known. For my Graphic Design class at Art Center, I chose to reimagine this hotel.


The process

In order to rebrand this hotel, it was necessary to change The Secret Garden's name to “The Garden” to give more meaning to the main attraction of this stay — the luscious garden. During the research phase, I decided that The Garden will feature an English Country Garden. This type of garden emulates the natural look of England's countryside. In addition, the actual hotel has a wide array of antiques and architecture that comes from the Art Nouveau/Art Deco age.

The main challenge tackled was finding the line between modern and ornate.

The deliverables

The visual identity fuses together a floral aspect along with an Art Nouveau/Art Deco look. The final logo is a monogram G, highlighting the art movements' emphasis on geometric shapes and the decor on the exterior of The Garden's actual architecture. The floral elements created include English Country Garden flowers: peony, rose, hollyhock, and primrose. I chose a watercolor-like style to give a more hand-crafted and fairytale feel. The last graphic element to the identity is delicate linework, which is apparent in the art movements.

Print deliverables designed includes posters, image-based postcards, and graphic element postcards. I also created a lookbook, which showcases nearby Los Angeles attractions. A curated Instagram feed was made to implement the brand into the digital space.