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As the marketing intern from summer 2017 and winter 2018 at Hinsdale Public Library, I was responsible for creating a social media calendar and planning upcoming social media content for the Library's events and programs. I helped with everything from digital marketing to creating monthly e-blasts on Constant Contact. Additionally, I made graphics using Photoshop and InDesign that communicated and furthered HPL's brand personality. 


The result was an increase of HPL's social media organic reach by 20% on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during the initial 8-weeks of my internship. Overall, organic engagement increased by 40% after my curation of content specifically tailored to promote library events and foster connections with the library patrons.


Marketing, Event Branding, Branding, Social Media Management

Summer 2017

Marketing Intern

• Created and launched re-branding campaign for the non-profit (e.g. new logo Design, new website design using RapidWeaver underway, etc.)

• On-hand assistant photographer at Shine On, Chicago summer projects

• Photography and Photoshop mentor at Shine On, Chicago programs for students 

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