Occidental College Media Arts & Culture Critical Media Thesis 

Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Producing

For my senior thesis, a year-long project, I conducted rigorous research to produce a narrated video essay. It is a highly personal project, where I grapple with my own internalized beauty standards by applying a theoretical media framework. My work argues that with the continued development of Eastern and Western cultures clashing after European colonialism, inner-ethnic racism among Asian groups is also driving the rise of racial ideologies in contemporary Asian beauty standards.



Black Studies Department at Occidental College

Branding, Print, Marketing, Logo Design

As the Black Studies' Social Media Editor, I created an official course print brochure designed to introduce the Black Studies program to prospective students. The design elements of the cover of the brochure has inspiring quotes by prominent Black figures in history.

Rabbit magazine  banners


Rabbit Internet

Graphics, Digital

Over the course of 10 weeks from May to July 2018, I interned at Rabbit Internet in Bangkok, Thailand. As a design and marketing intern, I took on the role of ideating and designing for Rabbit Magazine, the online finance magazine for Rabbit Finance. I made weekly banner/thumbnail designs for various article topics I was assigned to. These were displayed on the magazine's home page to draw readers' attention to the article.

behind you movie poster


Concept Design

Print, Advertising, Visual Design

Print movie poster for a horror movie concept I created.

expressive potential poster


Concept Design

Print, Advertising, Layout Design

A print poster composition reimagining the course description for ArtCenter at Night's Essential Typography course. I chose "expressive potential" from the description as the focal point and the reason behind why I decided to take the course. My goal was to evoke a feeling of direction and movement from the composition, which suits the connotation of excitement from "expressive potential."

trading rappers


Trading Rappers Card Game

Advertising, Marketing, Logo Design, Branding, Graphics

Trading Rappers is a card game created by Kenyatta Forbes. When she launched a Kickstarter campaign for Trading Rappers, I was hired to create a social media marketing campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

All graphics and Trading Rappers' visual identity, besides the caricatures, were created by me. The Kickstarter campaign ended in success. The graphics are now used on Trading Rappers' official website for e-commerce.

I oversaw Facebook and Instagram display and mobile advertising campaigns, including copywriting ads. Overall, I grew click-through rates and ROI on PPC advertising, driving improvements of up to 150% over prior results.

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