Over the course of 10 weeks from May to July 2018, I had the amazing opportunity to work for and grow from Rabbit Internet in Bangkok Thailand. Primarily with Rabbit Internet's Rabbit Finance sector, I worked with the marketing department as a marketing and design intern. Rabbit Finance is a leading digital marketing company for insurance and banks in Thailand. 

During my first few weeks, I worked with a team to conduct research for Rabbit's Vietnam market entry initiative. I assisted with business proposals and creating PowerPoint presentations. Afterwards, I worked on Rabbit Finance's main campaigns with international and Thailand's leading insurance companies, which included Prudential, Cigna, Muang Thai Life Insurance, and Bangkok Insurance. My main role was to devise digital ad sets and product landing page designs. This required learning about each brand's identity and products really well. Additionally, I had to immerse myself with Thai culture and trends in order to create ads that resonated with Thai people. Besides ad creation, I worked with the marketing team to target audiences and received training in Google AdWords and Facebook Ads Manager Basics. 

As also a design intern, I took on the role of ideating and designing for Rabbit Magazine, the online finance magazine for Rabbit Finance. I made weekly banner/thumbnail designs for various article topics I was assigned to. These were displayed on the magazine's home page to draw readers' attention to the article. I designed using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Marketing, Digital Marketing, Ad Creation, Graphic Design


Marketing, Digital Marketing, Ad Creation, Graphic Design

Rabbit finance Ad campaigns

banners designed for Rabbit Magazine

Car insurance ads designed

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Line display

The ad on Rabbit Finance's official Line account was launched to over 10,000 subscribers.