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shine on, chicago!

Shine On, Chicago is a non-profit that is a mobile production classroom that teaches students video production and photography in underserved neighborhoods in Chicago. I worked with the award-winning producer and founder of Creative Spark Production Company Jim Kropp as his intern over the summer of 2017.

I helped Jim create and launch a re-branding campaign that is still underway. The campaign consists of a thorough plan I came up with to give Jim the right tools to continue to renovate Shine On Chicago's brand. For the campaign, I have created a new logo that brings a more modern, simple, and fun change to Shine On, Chicago's previous logo. It still has Shine On, Chicago's visual identity they started with. Besides a new logo, I worked on creating a new cleaner website using RapidWeaver, which is a work in progress. 

In addition to re-branding, I worked as a mentor for Shine On, Chicago's programs teaching photography and Photoshop and as an on-hand assistant photographer during summer projects. 


Marketing, Logo Design, Mentor




The new logo I created was based on the look of the actual mobile classroom's coach.

Tips for a Sustainable Planet project

I worked as an interviewer and photographer during our video shoot with Delta Institute in Gary, Indiana. We shot a segment regarding Delta Institute's initiative of supporting deconstruction in Gary materials to create a reuse market and future jobs for the people of Gary.

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