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sno bros

Logo Design, Visual Identity
October 2019

An upcoming Hawaiian shaved ice business with a new spin.

Set to launch in January 2020, Sno Bros is a shaved ice stand that is 100% organic and opening shore side on the beautiful beaches of sunny Hawaii. Sno Bros reached out for a unique visual identity that can encapsulate their healthy and fresh take on shaved ice.

The process

Sno Bros wanted a shaka, or "hang loose," a Hawaiian cultural gesture of friendliness and not to worry, to be the center piece incorporated into a circular logo. They also wanted to include the city of their origin of Honolulu, Hawaii to mark the brand's roots. Overall, they needed a visual identity that can speak to young and hip consumers who want the best quality shaved ice.

Keeping this in mind as I designed different logo iterations, I wanted to somehow mesh the shaka symbol with a shaved ice icon to turn them into one new seamless, yet memorable symbol. This could set Sno Bros apart from multiple shaved ice stands that generally overuse these symbols.


Once I was able to settle on a logomark, I applied different logo options to several mockup identity applications, such as paper cups, signage, and wooden materials, so that Sno Bros could see how each design would translate. I focused on applying potential logos to wood texture surfaces; wooden accents could be something Sno Bros could use as elements at their stand to convey organic naturalness. 

Logomark ideation process
Mockups of logo identity applications for the different types of logo made

The deliverable

After preparing the finalized main logo design, I provided a style guide for Sno Bros to follow. To express the both brand's youthful energy and convey the naturalness of their products, warm and cool colors were chosen. The bright red-orange hues combined with the turquoise ones allows the visual identity to be joyful, fresh and harmonious.

I also made different variations of the main logo, including layouts. In the future Sno Bros may offer branded merchandise. Thus, different variations allow them to easily find the right variation for any potential branding needs.

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